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What is GeneralBilling.com?

Who is General Billing Solutions Inc (General BSI)?

What are General BSI's policies regarding privacy and security?

What is 128-bit encryption, and why do I need it?

Why do I need to register at GeneralBilling.com?

What are "GeneralBilling.com e-receipts"?

Who can I pay at GeneralBilling.com?

How long will it take for my payee to get my payment?

What is the "Convenience Fee" that I pay at GeneralBilling.com?

What is "My Payee List"?

Who authorizes my payments through GeneralBilling.com?

Who has access to my information at GeneralBilling.com?

I have already registered - Why am I not getting my bills at GeneralBilling.com?

Will I get flooded with Junk Mail if I register at GeneralBilling.com?

What payment options are available at GeneralBilling.com?

I use an accounting package on my PC, can payment information be downloaded from GeneralBilling.com?

Will I still get paper bills if I choose to start getting electronic bills at GeneralBilling.com?

What happens if I move or change my e-mail address?

Will I be able to see old copies of bills and old payment receipts at GeneralBilling.com?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GeneralBilling.com?

Generalbilling.com is an Electronic Billing and Payment Management Service, owned and operated by General Billing Solutions Inc (General BSI). General BSI acts as a bill delivery and payment agent for both the payer, and the payee. Payments made to General BSI through GeneralBilling.com are forwarded to selected payees on behalf of our Registered Bill Payers.

GeneralBilling.com allows businesses who may not have an e-business infrastructure, to give their customers the convenience of Internet Credit Card payment options, and allows Bill Payers the convenience of one secure Internet location through which they can recieve and pay multiple bills or invoices.

Who is General Billing Solutions Inc?

General Billing Solutions Inc (General BSI) is a business services company that provides accounts receiveable management services and offers a selection of consulting services including A/R analysis, customer relationship management (CRM) training programs, and internal and external performance measurment system implementaion.

The General BSI management team is a carefully selected group of professionals from the accounts receivable management industry who have been working with billers for many years. Our management team has been responsible for billing data and third-party payments for over 25 years!

What are Generalbilling.com's policies regarding information privacy?

All employees at Generalbilling.com are bonded and bound by security and confidentiality agreements that extend to cover any and all information regarding billers internal systems, customer base, and billing details.

Generalbilling.com is managed by the same team that has been responsible for security issues regarding Federal and Provincial Government billing data. All billing data managed by Generalbilling.com is handled with the exact same level of confidentiality.

Generalbilling.com will never make customer lists, detailed billing data, payment habits or any other proprietary information available to any party.

Companies using Generalbilling.com are allocated a specific group of technical support staff, management, and client/customer service operators who have access to billing data on a need-to-know basis. No other employees at General BSI are authorized to view billing information.

What is 128-Bit Encryption and why do I need it?

Encryption is the process of scrambling data into an unreadable format that is more secure for transmission over the Internet.

Very similar to secret code, encryption takes your data and uses complex mathematical equations called algorithms to scramble the information into an unreadable format called ciphertext. The ciphertext is impossible to read without having a key to unscramble the information to its original form.

Information is scrambled or encrypted at the client side (your browser) and then unscrambled or decrypted at the server side (GeneralBilling.com). The two most common levels of encryption are 40-bit and 128-bit and they have both been implemented commercially on popular browsers like Microsoft Internet ExplorerTM1 and Netscape NavigatorTM2.

The encryption we use during on-line bill payment sessions to transmit your financial data is based on the highest level of security currently available in the world, to prevent the risk of the information being intercepted and read by a third party.

There are currently two levels of encryption available in today's popular web browsers: 40-bit encryption and 128-bit encryption. Although most browsers support 40-bit encryption, the 128-bit browsers provide the highest level of security available today. 128-bit encrypted messages are 309,485,009,821,345,068,724,781,056 times harder to break than 40-bit messages.

You can manually check the encryption level your browser supports by following the instructions below:

If you are using Netscape Navigator or CommunicatorTM2 version 4.x click on the padlock in the bottom left corner of the screen to display the Security Info dialogue box. Select "Navigator" from the side menu and then click on the Configure SSL v2 button under Advanced Security (SSL) Configuration. If the dialog box displayed contains a 128-bit cipher, you are using the 128-bit version of Netscape software. If the dialog box contains a 40-bit cipher, you are using a 40-bit version of Netscape software. Click on the Cancel button to close the dialog box.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.x double click on the padlock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen while on a secure page to display the Properties dialogue box. Select Encryption type from the field box to display the encryption level that your browser supports.

General BSI strongly recommends that all our Registered Bill Payers utilize 128-bit encryption.

To download the most recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator please select a link below.

Microft Internet Explorer

Netscape Navigator

*Microsoft Internet Explorer is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation and Netscape Navigator is a trademark of Netscape Communications Corporation.

Why do I need to register at GeneralBilling.com?

Only "Registered Bill Payers" may use GeneralBilling.com. The registration process allows us to act as your Payment and Bill Delivery agent, and ensures the security of all our members. Registration is free, simple, and allows you to access previous payment information, your historical bill archives, and detailed e-receipts.

What are GeneralBilling.com e-Receipts?

e-Receipts are advices that are e-mailed to Registered Bill Payers when payments are made through GeneralBilling.com. For security reasons, these receipts do NOT contain credit card numbers, but they do show the payment amounts, date, and transaction authorization numbers. These e-Receipts are for reference only, and do not constitute Proof of Payment.

Who can I pay at Generalbilling.com?

Payments accepted at GeneralBilling.com are limited to companies that have designated General BSI as their "Authorized Payment Agent" for specific accounts ONLY. Although all electronic bills received at GeneralBilling.com may also be paid through the website, in order to pay a specific PAPER bill or invoice, the bill must direct you to register at GeneralBilling.com to make your payment.

If you are unsure if a payment can be accepted through GeneralBilling.com, contact us directly at 1-877-588-4274, or 780-702-0333 and ask one of our Customer Care Managers.

Payments made through GeneralBilling.com for Payees that are not using GeneralBilling.com as an authorized payment agent will be credited back to your credit card as a reversed transaction.

How long will it take for my payee to receive my payment?

General BSI remits your payment to your payees based on an agreed upon schedule. This schedule may vary between payees based on their internal systems and processes, however all payees have access to real-time reports through GeneralBilling.com that will show them that your payment has been made, and all payees will accept your transaction number as "interim proof of payment".

What is the convenience fee that I pay at GeneralBilling.com?

Registration and receiving bills or invoices at GeneralBilling.com is FREE - In order to support our Payment Management Service, GeneralBilling.com charges a small convenience fee for each payment made through the system. This fee is only charged on the total amount of your transaction, so if multiple payments are made during one total transaction, the convenience fee is still only charged once.

This fee supports the security and integrity of GeneralBilling.com and a percentage is donated directly to major charitable organizations, such as The United Way and Child Find.

What is "My Payee List"?

Once you select a payee from our "Authorized Payee List", GeneralBilling.com will memorize the payee and your account number. The next time that you log in to your member record, you can select this payee from your "My Payee List" and GeneralBilling.com will retrieve your account number for you. You can add new Payees to your list anytime.

Who authorizes my payments through GeneralBilling.com?

No one may authorize a payment of any kind on any of your bills without your permission. Your payment sources and preferences are confidential and are never released to any third party. In some cases, you may directly authorize your payee to process a payment through GeneralBilling.com on your behalf, and the confidentiality of payment information released to your payee is governed by their own privacy and security policies.

Who has access to my information at GeneralBilling.com?

GeneralBilling.com acts as agents for both the payer and the payee within a financial transaction. General BSI and in some cases, your payee, are the only parties that are able to access the information that you provide. All access to your personal information is forbidden without your permission, or when required by law, our Terms of Service, or our own Privacy Statement.

I already registered - why am I not receiving my bills at GeneralBilling.com?

Registration means that you are now able to receive your bills at GeneralBilling.com. You will be notified when each new biller begins sending electrnic bills through the site, and then you will be able to request your bill on-line. Until then, you can continue to make payments through your Payee List.

Will I get flooded with junk mail if I register at GeneralBilling.com?

No. First and foremost, Generalbilling.com will never release your e-mail address, or any other confidential information to any third party except as outlined in our Privacy Statement.

What payment options are available at GeneralBilling.com?

Now, you may pay your bills through Generalbilling.com using Visa or MasterCard. In an upcoming system enhancement, generalbilling.com will allow you to pay using all major credit cards, and your checking and savings accounts.

Can I download from GeneralBilling.com?

In an upcoming system enhancement, you will be able to download detailed payment information from GeneralBilling.com to MS Money or Quicken. When this feature is available, you will see a prompt in your Registered Bill Payer Profile asking you to select your software for downloads.

What if I move or change my e-mail address?

No problem, Generalbilling.com is available from anywhere! Generalbilling.com is especially useful if you travel a lot and would still like to view and pay your bills on time.

Your unique profile can updated anytime. You can update your e-mail addresses, physical addresses, contact numbers or any other optional information. In addition, if you request, Generalbilling.com can notify all your billers of address changes automatically.

Will I still get paper bills in the mail?

You will have the option of discontinuing or restarting the paper billing process at any time through the Generalbilling.com web site

In a few cases, your billers may require that you stop receiving paper bills within a few months. In these cases, you will be notified and have the option of electronic or paper bill presentments.

If you insist on a paper copy of your bill, you may print both summary and detailed billing data directly from your PC.

Will I be able to review details of old bills on-line?

Generalbilling.com will begin to store electronic copies of your bills on-line the first time that you receive your bill, and payment receipts will be stored the first time you make a payment.

Your bills and receipt copies will be stored for up to 12 months within your private record. A future system enhancment will provide you with the option of pre-ordering a CD ROM that contains up to a full 12 months of your billing history.

If, however, you do not log-in to Generalbilling.com for more than 3 months, your billing and payment data is erased and must be retrieved directly from your biller.

Note: In some cases, your billers may not provide this service.

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